Fat Loss Advocate

Jenna - Tree of Life Metabolic Weight Loss Fat Loss AdvocateOur Metabolic Weight Loss Director is Jenna Padula. Jenna has been in health and fitness for over five years and has a strong passion for helping people work towards their health and fitness goals. She is a Certified Personal Trainer with a Bachelors in Psychology. Jenna understands the mental, emotional, and behavioral aspects of weight loss. She helps people look at their current state and situation to create a plan that allows them to work towards where they want to be.

Jenna believes we should look at our health from a whole perspective. Many factors contribute to our health, such as our diet, exercise, stress, sleep, mindset, and accountability system. Jenna firmly believes it is crucial to address all areas, to create healthy habits, get past some barriers, and continue to work at it daily.

Jenna loves Tree of Life Wellness Center and its resources to help people live their best life. From coming in to relax and detox, to weight loss, and getting your daily supplements, Tree of Life has everything you need to take care of your health, as well as take control of your life.

Your health and your weight don't have to be a hard thing to talk about. Jenna wants everyone to feel like they have a safe and comfortable place to come to share their struggles, to feel and get the support that they deserve.